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Exploring Talent Acquisition At CONNECT: Strategic Recruitment Forum


Leading practices don’t just happen. They’re created by cooperation — by people sharing ideas, testing them and providing feedback to each other. That’s exactly what HR professionals from across Canada will be doing today at CONNECT: The Strategic Recruitment Forum, the annual HR conference held by Head2Head, a WilsonHCG company.

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The ROI Of RPO: 10 Reasons To Invest In A Strategic Partnership


Remember when candidates applied for a job by dropping off their resume, in person, to a company representative? Some of you may be thinking, "What, how archaic?" Believe it or not, this was the standard practice for candidates and employers just a few years ago. While this may still be common for some industries, most have the hiring process initiating in a virtual environment.

With the advent of the internet, social media and the ability for employees to work virtually, employers need their recruitment efforts to match that of the applicants that are coming through. But HOW do you do that when you have only a few people on staff to do the vetting? The answer is in a strategic partnership with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider.

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A Guide for Recruiters on How to Network


What are the most important soft skills a recruiter can possess? I’ll bet “communication” or “interpersonal skills” are fast to come to mind. In fact, after conducting a survey about soft skills, CareerBuilder reports that 56 percent of hiring managers agree that they want a candidate who is an effective communicator. After all, for talent acquisition professionals, communication is instrumental for success.

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5 HR Technology Tools Every Talent Acquisition Pro Needs Before 2016


HR technology continues to offer new ways for talent acquisition professionals to find, engage and hire candidates. But how often does it feel like you don’t have the time to review the many new HR technologies out there? To help with this dilemma, here is a list of tools that have a place in every talent acquisition professional's toolkit. Explore them to discover which ones would work best for your company's needs before heading into the new year.

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EVP Kim Pope's Guide For The Candidate Experience Symposium


Candidate experience is a topic we are all familiar with.  Everyone knows — or should by now! — what a positive strategy looks like, but this industry moves as quickly as the wind. Today’s leading practices could be tomorrow’s tired techniques. As HR professionals, we have to remain one step ahead of industry news, trends and patterns. The 2015 Candidate Experience Symposium allows the industry to come together and share best practices, success stories and insight. This is the second year of the Candidate Experience Symposium — as well as the second year of WilsonHCG’s annual Candidate Experience Week — and in it we will go even deeper into the evolution, current state and future of the candidate experience.

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Candidate Experience: The Cornerstone Of Your Recruiting Strategy


We’ve heard it said over and over again: It’s a jobseeker’s market. Companies need to hire talented people to fill new and innovative roles. Employees have the ability to be picky about the jobs they choose, so the onus is on the companies to really make an excellent first impression with their recruiting strategies. The candidate experience sets the tone for future engagement from both the candidates you hire and the candidates you don’t.

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Customizing the Candidate Experience


Fall means leaves changing colors and pumpkin spice lattes. But, for recruitment professionals, it also marks the beginning of a new generation of candidates, those who are seeking internships. While it may seem like a positive candidate experience is similarly defined among all candidates – think again!

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The Future Of Work is Here: Setting Up Flexible Work Arrangements


Work is evolving. Technology isn't just changing how we work — it's changing where we work. Many employees today are able to set up flexible work arrangements and remain just as effective as when they’re at their desk next to colleagues — or maybe even more effective. Compare this to just a few years ago, when only positions that had little to no interaction with others had the luxury of working remotely. Now, with smart phones, instant messaging and cloud file storage, employees are able to collaborate with others and perform job responsibilties just as effectively, regardless of their physical location.

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Avoid The Recruiter Vs. Hiring Manager Mindset For A Solid Partnership


One of the best strategies to attracting and retaining top talent is to have a strong partnership between hiring managers and recruiters. Avoiding the recruiter vs. hiring manager mindset is key to developing an effective communication plan, ultimately building a positive hiring experience for everyone connected to the process. Continue reading for some key strategies on starting your partnership off on the right foot.

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3 Employee Engagement Best Practices To Become An Employer Of Choice


It's important for employees to have a strong concept of their company's employment brand. This can be daunting, though, if the employees haven't yet figured out where their place is within the company. The way an employee immerses him or herself in the company culture determines that individual's success. By getting involved in committees, taking part in corporate social responsibility initiatives or joining incentive based programs, an employee will ultimately help drive a company's employer branding goals in becoming an employer of choice.

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