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How To Combat The Skills Shortage: 4 Tools For Hiring


Recently I read an article from BBC stating that the skills shortage in the UK has been getting worse month-on-month over the last 18 months.  Whilst this is followed with typical dramatic lexical detailing how industry will grind to a halt, the article touches on a topic that should be at the forefront of every HR Director and Chief HR Officer's mind: How to hire during the British skills shortage. PricewaterhouseCoopers' 17th Annual Global CEO Survey states 93 percent of CEOs openly admit they need to change their talent acquisition strategies but 61 percent don’t even know where to start. And British Chambers of Commerce Workforce Survey highlights that 92 percent of businesses have identified a skill shortage amongst their workforce.

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5 Methods For Developing A Successful Hiring Manager Training Program


When it comes to training to ensure an effective recruiting and hiring process, we put a lot of emphasis on training our talent acquisition teams. After all, they are on the front lines, representing the company and its employment brand, engaging and managing the recruitment process and communicating with both candidates and managers. While ongoing training is necessary for recruiters and sourcers, it is equally important to train your hiring managers, not only those with the final decision but also those who potentially have the biggest impact on future employees.

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How to Leverage Marketing and Public Relations in Your Talent Acquisition Strategies


Whether people realize it or not, the human resources department must have solid relationships with its company's marketing and public relations departments. When it comes down to it, recruiting is marketing. It matches candidates with the right positions and organizations; just as marketing matches people or companies with the right products and services. So why aren't these two departments constantly in sync? From thought leadership to social media, marketing should be HR's best friend; and together they can ensure brand visbility and consistency, talent attraction and retention and a strong employee value proposition (EVP). Without this strategic relationship, the messaging marketing is sharing with the world may not match up to the conversations the recruitment team is having with candidates. It is a neccesary partnership to any talent acquisition strategy.

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3 Reasons To Refresh Your Global Recruitment Strategies


Talent acquisition has shifted, and the recruitment strategies that may have worked in the past to attract top talent, now need to be refreshed. More organizations are growing globally, thus requiring talent from all over the world to maintain their rapidly growing businesses. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) organizations are often a key resource for global organizations to avoid using multiple firms and segmented approaches for their talent acquisition strategy.

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How To Tap Into The Graduate Talent Pool In 6 Easy Steps


Flowing gowns, colorful tassels and glowing smiles can only mean that graduation season is slowly approaching. The months of April and May see an influx of recent graduates eagerly looking for their first employment opportunity, but how can we as talent acquisition specialists tap into graduate talent pools before they start looking for us?

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5 Methods to Make Your Offer Packages More Attractive To Tech Talent


I like to think of technology recruiting as a love story. Just like people go through the journey of life to one day find themselves stumbling across their true love, tech talent is just waiting to be wooed by the employer of their dreams in order to make a move. So what are you doing to win them over?

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Here Are The Alternative Recruitment Strategies HR Leaders Care About


The innovators who change the world all have something in common: they think differently. Individuals like Jobs, Gates, Carnegie and Bezos have developed and originated ideas, markets and technology that were, by others, unimaginable. How did they become such innovators? Simply put, they used an alternative approach of thinking. In my opinion, “alternative thinking” is the backbone of advancement and has an infinite amount of value when developing a method for alternatively sourcing candidates. Recruiters use alternative recruitment methods to contact individuals thought to be unreachable, and there is no “one size fits all” alternative method of sourcing; it hinges on the recruiter, the employment brand and the talent community.

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Healthcare HR Week: Healthcare Recruitment


The healthcare industry has been hit hard by the skills shortage, and therefore the demand for qualified healthcare professionals continues to grow. To overcome the need, healthcare recruitment requires scalability and agility to land credible talent. This week, March 15-21, is Healthcare HR Week and is designated to recognize human resources professionals in hospitals and non-hospital organizations across the nation. Some of the daily issues they face include employee relations, health care reform and wellness.

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Want Your Recruitment Marketing To Rock? Get People Involved.


Have you ever heard employers tell candidates, “We’re a lousy company to work for?” I doubt it. Most employers say they are great places to work. Not surprisingly, candidates are skeptical of this common bit of lip service.

So how do you show jobseekers that your company really is a great place to work? How do you make sure your recruitment marketing is genuine, distinguish your company from your competitors and make your employment brand stand out?

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Recruitment + Marketing = The Modern-day Recruiting Professional


In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer, philosopher and author

As the job market evolves to the candidate’s benefit, recruiters are finding the landscape more competitive. Skills that were once enough, no longer fit the bill. Recruiters now have to learn to develop new skills along with discovering how to leverage effective processes from other aspects of the business. Specifically, talent acquisition has a lot to learn from marketers, but recruitment marketing is more than just aligning recruiters and marketers behind your employment brand.

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