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How to Network During the Holidays: 3 Simple Networking Strategies


As many of us plan our 2015 strategies and set our sights on the new year, we tend to forget the power of looking into the past. While planning ahead is a must, this time of year provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with. Whether they’re former clients, business partners, vendors, professional contacts or friends, this is the perfect time to reconnect or establish a new relationship. Here are three networking strategies to practice during the holidays.

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Computer Science Education Week: Learn An Hour of Code


The Hour of Code is a non-profit initiative that was established in 2013 to introduce coding, to anyone – from ages 4 to 104. This program takes place December 8-14 during Computer Science Education Week and aims at reaching millions of individuals on a global scale. One-hour tutorials are available in more than 30 languages. If you are completely new to coding, don’t be intimated; this program is actually created to be effective for those with little to no experience.

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Make the World Better on Christmas Jumper Day 2014


Looking for a way to give back this holiday season and truly make an impact? Save the Children works to help children all over the world in a variety of ways including:

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How to reduce employee turnover through internal mobility programs


The good news: 85 percent of the workforce wants to hear from recruiters according to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends 2014 report. The downside: As employers, 85 percent of your employees are open to jumping ship. And what happens if a company that your employees are entertaining can offer more than yours? In today’s workplace, it has become apparent that all jobseekers are “active” (even the passive ones) in the sense that should a recruiter reach out or a new opportunity present itself, people are more willing to take a chance to learn more about it.

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3 Ways to Qualify Talent for Your Creative Jobs


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why didn't I think of that?” The question isn’t uncommon, especially in a world where startups, enterprises and even industries seem to pop up overnight. These new ideas are usually the result of someone who simply was creative enough to recognize a need and seize the opportunity.

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2015 Trends in RPO that HR Leaders will be Abuzz About


Yes, it’s true – we’re already approaching the new year. And the 2015 trends in RPO have already been brewing; they’ll just become even more prominent as we turn the page on the calendar. Within the past couple of years, with the war for talent growing, human resources and talent acquisition executives have gained a seat at the table and RPO firms have stepped in to become a more strategic partner that delivers comprehensive and proactive recruitment services. But, what are the 2015 trends for HR? The following are five trends you’ll notice.

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Improving Retention for Apprentices and Recent Graduates


As the landscape of employment tenure has changed dramatically from “lifetime” employment to short stints, employers are facing a challenge regarding retention. Losing any employees can prove expensive, as replacements are typically needed. And in order to attract adequate talent, employers must invest in recruiting activities.

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Beyond “Post and Pray”: Marketing Tactics That Transform Recruitment


The evolving recruitment industry and how candidates research employers has created the need for innovation and creativity to find and attract qualified candidates. These strategies are now just as much marketing as they are recruitment.

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Recruitment Marketing 101: A Blend of Recruiting, Marketing and HR


How did this function come to be? And what does it entail? The recruitment marketer is a job function that seamlessly blends recruitment, marketing and HR into one effective role. Some of the responsibilities of a recruitment marketer include content development such as employment branding, refreshing job descriptions, “day in the life” campaigns, job fair marketing collateral, candidate outreach and recruitment eblast campaigns.

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Career Spotlight: Recruitment Consultant in the UK


As WilsonHCG continues to grow, recruiters based out of our UK office play an integral role by delivering the best talent for our clients across European markets. The UK recruiters impart talent acquisition expertise through creative strategies, and through these proactive methods, the recruitment team makes an impact for our global clients by delivering high-quality talent to help them reach their organisational objectives.

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